Sarah Vanhee / BOK

Welcome to bodies of knowledge, or BOK for short. 

BOK is a place where people can learn from each other. Things you don't usually learn, told by voices that are not always heard, from different parts of society and the world. In BOK we exchange knowledge that feeds a more just and humane society. It is a space to listen, to ask, to connect. BOK welcomes life experts rather than professional authorities. 

BOK is an art project initiated by Sarah Vanhee, as a nomadic classroom space in Brussels. Under a colourful tent or a red parasol, people come together to share knowledge. This is how an incredibly diverse and enthusiastic learning community grows. This autumn, the BOK tent will be in the centre of Brussels City for three months. This is what Sarah, together with her collaborator Flore, is now working on during this residency here at Kaos. She continues to collect alternative knowledge that is present in the city. How do you decide whether to obey authorities or not? What can we learn from our dreams? How can you live ethically? How do I learn to dare to say what I think? 
Who is your heroine? 

Do you have knowledge of your own that you would like to share with others? What would you like to learn yourself? Do you also want to learn about what is otherwise little visible in society?