Atelier KAOS

Artist in residence

KAOS started its own Artist Residency in psychiatry in 2015. In a house of one of the projects Sheltered Housing connected to the Psycho-Social Centre St-Alexius in Ixelles an artists' room was set up.
Here, an international artist lives for two months, together with seven psychologically vulnerable residents. In addition, the artist works on his or her oeuvre and new work together with artists/residents associated with KAOS or PSC St-Alexius in a shared studio.
There are also Work Residencies in which the artist does not stay in the artist's room but comes to work in the studio for a defined period, sometimes in collaboration with people with mental health problems.

These residencies also include a public presentation with KAOS Film and KAOS Talk, in which the resident chooses short films and invites speakers to engage in dialogue with the public.

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