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About KAOS

KAOS develops art projects with artists who may or may not be psychologically vulnerable and has an Artists in residency programme in psychiatry. It brings art and psychiatry together and tells something about the perception of this.
Where historically a distinction arose between so-called outsider and insider art, KAOS resolutely chooses to ignore this distinction in the development of their projects. The starting point is the quality of the work in combination with the trajectory and the themes of the artists they work with.
As in the arts field, we notice that the boundaries between psychiatry and non-psychiatry are becoming more fluid. However, there are still many prejudices about people who suffer from mental vulnerability and through our projects KAOS wants to challenge these and contribute to a process of destigmatisation.

Group Show - Myriam Loyens, Piet Michiels, Johan Schepens, Koen Vermeir
(c) Piet Michiels

Friends of KAOS Fund

You can also support us financially for setting up our projects through the Friends of KAOS Fund, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation. Donations starting from €40 per year give a tax reduction of 45% on the amount actually paid.

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In loving memory of Alexis Dragonetti

This website has been created with donations made in memory of Alexis Dragonetti. Alexis supported KAOS for several reasons.

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