Open Call Research Residency KAOS-Albe vzw 2024

Deadline applications: 14th of January 2024 20:00. 

Selection announcement: 15th of March 2024.

About the programme

KAOS and Albe vzw will organize during the summer of 2024 a research residency for an individual artist within a living context for people with a mental disability and a psychiatric vulnerability. 

The invited artist is welcome in shared studios/ateliers, the living spaces and the garden of Albe in Kapellen. The studios/ateliers arise from a shared interest from the residents and the staff. There are: ceramics, welding, philosophy, woodworking, a weekly newspaper, the garden, dance, drawing and painting studio, music, textiles. New studios/ateliers can arise at any time from new encouters. 

We offer one two-month residency in July and August 2024 with overnight stay in a Yurt at the green domain of Albe.

For whom?

The residency is open to individual artists who may or may not have a psychiatric vulnerability themselves. We ask candidates to motivate why they consider a residency important in this context and what the link is to their own work. The selection of artistic proposals is done by the artistic team of KAOS and the residents/ staff from Albe vzw.


Remuneration is provided (a half-time employment PC319.01 contract for the months of July and August 2024), an expense allowance for transport and a small production budget.

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