Artist selection Summer residency Albe-KAOS

During summer 2023, Albe vzw (Kapellen) and vzw KAOS will for the first time jointly organise an artist residency on the Albe site.

Albe is a safe place where adults with psychiatric problems and mental disabilities can come home. They offer both residential and day support in Kapellen, a village north of Antwerp.

After an open call, we received 18 diverse applications. From these, Paule Buschop was finally chosen to stay and work at Albe for the months of July and August. The jury was impressed by her consistently constructed oeuvre of diverse textile work, dance and her plans to use Albe's garden as a canvas for the creation of new work.

Paule herself writes as follows:

"For me, art is a path that helps me channel and create connections and thus teaches me to find a place in this world. In dancing, I channel the spiritual side of my psychotic energy. I make knots whenever I can because it brings me back to the here and now, sometimes that becomes lace-making and weaving or unweaving. I use art to create a bridge to the other. My works are mostly cathartic and always come from the need to want to share very personal experiences."

With support from 'local government Kapellen'

Paule Buschop
with the support of:
Albe vzw