KAOS Talk - Piero Bisello

For this year's second KAOS Talk, artist in residence Piero Bisello invites three guests around the work of R.D. Laing. Laing was one of the first psychiatrists associated with the anti-psychiatry movement of the 1960s. He was also a published poet and singer-songwriter. This KAOS Talk, entitled The Homer of R.D. Laing, focuses on Laing's experiments with verse, addressing the relationship between his work with the psychologically vulnerable and his art. What did poetry teach Laing? What did his psychiatry teach poetry? What did his poetry teach his patients? Or even artists?

Bisello and his guests that evening will also look at Laing's work from the concept of 'homers', a concept borrowed from Miklós Haraszti's writings from the 1970s, which refers to artworks conceived and created on the fringes of one's profession. Where does his poetry belong? Is it really 'poetry' or rather 'psychiatry'?

Piero Bisello will talk to artist Emile Rubino, whose recent work engages with the concept of 'homers' in the context of his day job in an art gallery; artist Leila Peacock, for whom Laing has been an inspiration for many years and whose background in literature will shed light on the discussion of Laing's poetry; and psychiatrist Karel Ringoet, expert on Laing's psychiatric work and anti-psychiatry in general.

Where: Museum Dr. Guislain (Jozef Guislainstraat 43 b, 9000 Ghent) and online via THIS LINK
Start: 20h
Admission: free, subscription HERE
This KAOS Talk will be in English

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