KAOS Talk - Mattie Wang & Sophie de Serière

During their KAOS talk, the current KAOS-residents Mattie and Sophie will share their collective practice on dwelling and (dis)appearance in conversation with Juliette Mourad and Nishiko. Dwelling alludes to both a place of residence, as well as a moment of pause or pondering. During the residency, attention is given to things barely perceptible but nonetheless present and affective to its surroundings: chance encounters, daily routines, residues, things found on the street, conversations over coffee. Stating from the minute and gestural, the talk will connect to larger themes of life/art practices, herbalism and performance. 


Nishiko is a Japanese mixed media artist lives and works in The Hague, the Netherlands. Her work excavates and frames stories of coincidences inside found objects and situations.

Juliette Mourad works on the relations between humans, non-humans, and land. They do so through writing, collage, and the domestic arts. Herbalism, foraging, earth pigments... are tools in reclaiming the means of art production, creation, and land access. Juliette is devoted to exploring our dis/connections to territory and community amidst migrations and global capitalism, but goes through those with a joyful praxis, facilitating workshops and nature walks.

16/05/2023 – 20:00 - KAOS Talk Mattie Wang & Sophie de Serière

@Museum Dr. Guislain, Jozef Guislainstraat 43b, 9000 Gent & online

Free, English spoken

with the support of:
Museum Dr. Guislain
Gemeente Elsene