Eva Beazar

Eva Beazar is a photographer and filmmaker.

There is the acceptance of ordinary reality, the familiar, but also of what is less familiar, the unknown: a spectacle of visual conflict that excites her daily. The unknowing plays an important role here, or that which Sigmund Freud calls an "uncanny" experience. For several years, Eva has suffered from hallucinations that take place between fact and fiction. She may still be aware of reality, but sometimes the fantasy, the dream, the flight appears. She experiences many chaotic moments. These are very confusing but sometimes inspiring. Because of these experiences in daily life, the vague relationship between reality and fiction also became a kind of thread in her work and sometimes translates into visual conflict.

In her artistic practice, Eva tries to provide a vision between the blurred boundary fiction and reality. Her starting points are dreams, fantasy, movement, chaos, the everyday, something you experience, the unconscious, ...
Small brain twists, small movements in the everyday that no one notices or the details that no one notices. Or a bizarre flow of images. These are all things that inspire her when creating an image, a photograph, a sketch or moving pictures. The process is intuitive and associative. The creation of her own world or character arises by connecting these associations that strike her from experiences in everyday life.

Usually the technique used is also what feels best at the time to create the desired atmosphere. Usually in the form of a "collage" of sorts. The slowness of looking at an image is how Eva also likes to look at reality. Small details are sometimes strange but on the other hand you get closer. It is like a journey through another universe. 

An overview and description of the work and her bio can be found on her portfolio website.

Eva Beazar
Eva Beazar
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