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Starting this year, KAOS and kunsthuis Yellow Art jointly organize two annual residencies for individual artists within a psychiatric context. These include one research residency and one collaborative residency. Invited artists will have access to a personal workspace in the Jan Hoet House. Additionally, the kunsthuis Yellow Art studio will be open three days a week for use and interaction, with other facilities available on the premises such as the open house 't Vooruitzicht. Please note: There is no accommodation available on site.

Kunsthuis Yellow Art is an artistic studio for people with a mental vulnerability. It is a safe space for interaction and imagination. Weekly, around thirty participants work on their own artistic oeuvre. Additionally, artistic interchanges are organized with fellow artists. Kunsthuis Yellow Art has extensive experience in co-creation from a position of equality. Since its start, professional artists have been actively collaborating with participants to create artwork. This open call is organized in line with this tradition. 

 In 2024, we offer one research residency and one collaborative residency.

 The research residency is intended for artists who want to conduct their own research in the specific context of a psychiatric care center. You delve into themes that manifest here and translate them into an artistic project. During your stay, you share your research with kunsthuis Yellow Art and its participants. The focus here is on the development and deepening of your artistic practice.

During a collaborative residency, you actively collaborate with kunsthuis Yellow Art and its participants. There is an intensive interaction where two or more artistic practices inspire each other. You explore common ground within the studio and strive to develop new work in co-creation. The focus here is on participation and broadening your artistic practice.

For Whom? 

The residency is open to individual visual artists who may or may not have a mental vulnerability. We ask candidates to explain why they consider a research residency or a collaborative residency in this context important and what the link is to their own work. Additionally, we request a proposed schedule for the intended period (September-November 2024), which will be determined in consultation after selection. The selection of artistic proposals is made by the artistic teams of KAOS and kunsthuis Yellow Art


Wages will be provided. Additionally, there is a project budget available, and transportation costs will be reimbursed. Bi-weekly feedback sessions with the artistic teams of KAOS and Yellow Art art house will be conducted.


Jan Hoethuis, Pas 204, 2440 Geel

Kunsthuis Yellow Art, Dr. Sanodreef 1, 2440 Geel

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