KAOS Talk - Merel Stolker

Collectief Alleen (Collectively Alone)

"A place to be alone together"

Merel Stolker is artist-in-residence at KAOS, where she conducts artistic research on the theme of loneliness under the title "Collectief Alleen". During her residency, she spends a lot of time in a communal space within the Psychosocial Centre St-Alexius Brussels. A place where everyone can walk in and out freely and there is always someone there for a conversation or to just be together in silence. One of the patients who often comes there describes it as "a space where you can be alone together". So this place with its rituals and customs of the people who gather there has become part of her artistic research. This with the idea of using the space as an example to create a place for collective solitude herself.

For her KAOS talk, she invited two artists who both, in their own way, built a place where you can "be alone together". Elly Van Eeghem is an artist and founder of Campus Atelier in Nieuw Gent, a collective studio for public space. Malou van Doormaal is an artist and founder of the Drag Up Family, a learning community that comes together around drag culture. Together with Merel Stolker, they will engage in conversation this evening around the theme of loneliness. The conversation will be moderated by KAOS coordinator Mike Michiels.


KAOS Talk, 02/02/2023, 20:00

@Museum Dr. Guislain (Jozef Guislainstraat 43 b, 9000 Gent)

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