Stéphane Roy

Stéphane Roy will be in residence at KAOS in June and will explore the psychological phenomenon of resilience in the creative process in contemporary art. 

The project during the residency focuses on his current research, which focuses on our capacity for resilience. More specifically, Stéphane wants to focus on the forms of care and resilience that lead human beings to rise from their state of suffering and emancipate themselves to a state of serenity and self-control. It will seek to explore the forms of introspection of the being in society, and more specifically in the context of his whereabouts, both physical and mental. 

Between participatory forms through inclusive installations, the elaboration of spaces for encounters and conversations, or through simple autobiographical writing, he intends to use this residency to create a symbolic and productive place in this physical spatial experience.

Stéphane Roy
Stéphane Roy
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